Description of "Astronomy with hands-on data"

Astronomy is without a doubt THE science by excellency in engaging formal education communities.It is so due to its transversal nature embracing in an exciting way different scientific areas (such as math, biology, geology chemistry, physics…) but also for its social, cultural and historical links and that can be therefore used as a powerful vehicle for improving science teaching in classrooms around the world.

Teachers can find an incredibly rich store of useful astronomy resources in digital format and openly available online to all. However, experienced educators and outreach specialists identify a critical impediment: many teachers lack the training to understand these resources or use them effectively in their curricula.

Following a sustainability philosophy of sharing the best resources and most of all simultaneously providing all the support necessary to teachers that use them, our workshop will focus in:

  • Open Education Resources and online communities: What is this and how can schools benefit from it?
  • Inquiring minds now - Mapping the scientific method and using online labs;
  • Hands.on data – Using data archives to implement real research experiences in classroom

Exciting topics are designed and planned, aiming to open the vastness of imagination of teachers and subsequentially their students alike. Grasp “Science at your fingertips” or search for Earth 2.0 and learn more from “Alien Worlds” or Astronomy in Stonehenge. Get your “hands-on” robotic telescopes by using online labs for education through a live example with Faulkes Telescope and National Schools Observatory. Generate inquiring minds as you Engage, Explore,Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate with a live example of the scientific method in the hands of students. Embark on this unique global effort to empower teachers, be a part of a worldwide network in the effective use and transfer of open astronomy education tools and resources into classroom science curricula. 


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