Description of "Digital tools and resources for space and astronomy education"

Don’t miss the chance to participate in a workshop that combines one of the leading space agencies in the world – ESA, with one of the growing largest networks of teachers and teacher trainings around the world - GTTP.

This is a unique opportunity! During the workshop you’ll be able to talk to an ESA scientist, visit the incredible Space Expo and have a tour on European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) the incubator of the European space effort, where most ESA projects are born.
ESA and GTTP partnered to provide you the know-how you need to have the future of Digital tools and resources for space and astronomy education in your classroom. The focus of the workshop will be on:

  • Selected ESA mission overview
  • Image processing with Salsa J
  • Robotic Telescopes
  • Inquiry Based Science Education - Hands-on Example
  • ESA science data archives in the classroom
  • Hands-on astronomy: Spectroscopes and other tools

Space Exploration and Astronomy prove to be an excellent topics to engage formal education community in the excitement of science by its transversality to different subjects and as a vehicle for improving the teaching of science in classrooms around the world. Join GTTP and ESA on this unique effort to empower teachers and become a part of a worldwide network in the effective use and transfer of space and astronomy education digital tools and resources into classroom science curricula. sites throughout Europe. 


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