1. Educating the teachers to bring into the classroom a unique collection of digital resources and tools that are based on real-world problems. The resources will lead teachers to involve students in finding their own problems, testing ideas (from small to big ideas in science), receiving feedback, and working collaboratively with other students or practitioners beyond the school classroom. Advanced eLearning tools will provide scaffolds that enhance learning, support thinking and problem solving, model activities and guide practice, represent data in different ways, and form part of a coherent and systemic educational approach.

  2. Offering teachers more opportunities to evaluate the quality of their own thinking and products for feedback, reflection, and revision.

  3. Giving teachers the opportunity to interact with working scientists, receive feedback from multiple sources.

  4. Further expanding the GTTP International community where teachers, teacher trainers, education policy makers, parents, students, practicing scientists and other interested members of society are included in order to expand the learning environment beyond the school walls and expand opportunities for teachers’ professional development.


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