Programme of "Astronomy with hands-on data"

Day 1 (Session 1)

  • Open Education Resources and online communities: What is this and how can schools benefit from it.
  • Online Communities (Open Discovery Space)
  • Digital repositories (Inspiring Science Education)
  • Online Labs (Go-lab)
  • Socially powered networks

Day 1 (Session 2): Hands-on Data

  • Gravity and Cosmology (e.g. Heavens' Kitchen)
  • Studying the Solar System (e.g. Mars Rovers, Rosetta, etc.)
  • Multiwavelength astronomy (e.g. Chromoscope, Multiwavelength Universe)

Day 2 (Session 1): Inquiring minds

  • Mapping the scientific method and using online labs
  • The scientific method in the hands of students: Engage, Explore
  • Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate - A live example:

Day 2 (Session 2): Hands-on robotic telescopes

  • The use of online labs for education: live example with robotic
  • Telescopes (Faulkes Telescope / National Schools Observatory)
  • Analysing astronomical data

Day 3: Science at your fingertips

  • The lives of stars (e.g. Star in a Box)
  • Data mining the NSO archives (The Solar System at your fingertips)

Day 4: Alien Worlds

  • Searching for Earth 2.0 (e.g. Agent Exoplanet, Planet Hunters)
  • Cosmic small-fry/impact Earth (e.g. Impact Calculator, Rosetta)

Day 5: Astronomy in Stonehenge


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