Programme of "IYL2015"

Inquiry Light

Highlight talk: Inquiry based learning 

Resources: Inspiring Science Education Platform, Double Slit Experiment Interactive Game

WS: Building an inquiry scenario in ISE platform

WS: Playing with Light Pollution


Light with tools

Highlight talk: Tools and apps in education

WS: How to build a Galileoscope

WSHome made spectroscope

WSPlanetary software at  your fingertips (computers, tablets and smartphone apps)


All is relative  

Highlight talk: Celebrating Einstein Centenary (From Cosmology to Black Holes)

Resources: Salsa J

WS: Photometry with Salsa J

WS: Black Holes in My School


Cosmic Light

Highlight talk: Light in Nature, light in life, light for development

Resources: Dark Skies Awareness Kit

WS: Dark Skies Awareness kit


Light for Inclusion

Highlight talk: Astronomy in our daily lives

WS: Moon phases, planetary calculator and constellations


Science Stories

Highlight talk: A story of light  - From human perception of the Universe to the edge of our observable Universe (Rosa Doran)


WS: Navigating by stars – Visit to the Dark Skies Alqueva and Cromeleques de Almendre


The program will include a tour and many social events promoting active cultural interchange between participants. Participants will benefit from a unique event in an unique place where we can breathe knowledge in the air.
Join us in beautiful Portugal!


August 31st to September 5th

Organized by the  Galileo Teacher Training Program and the  European Science Education Academy.
Supported by the European Physics Society, Ellinogermaniki Agogi and NUCLIONúcleo Interativo de Astronomia in the framework of the International Year of Light 2015.



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